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"The Flower Maiden"

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Episode Summary: As Darcia's takes Cheza back to the mountain stronghold where she was born, he comes under attack from Orkham's soldiers, accompanied by Cher, who have come to retrieve Cheza. While watching the battle from the woods below, Kiba senses Cheza's presence and vice versa. Cheza jumps from the airship just before Orkham's men bring it down. She floats down to a pond at the top of the mountain. The wolves quickly climb up to find her while the soldiers land the airship to look for her as well. Though she can't see, Cheza knows when the wolves arrive and embraces Kiba while saying "we meet at last." Cheza's reaction at meeting Kiba breaks Cher's instruments, but she is able to tell the soldiers that she is in the stronghold's garden area. The soldiers surround the garden, but Cheza leads Kiba off. Toboe follows them, while Tsume and Hige try to fight through the soldiers, so they turn back and join the others. After breaking through another line of soldiers, they run past where Cher is standing with the soldier's commander, Cheza smiling happily as they run. The soldiers follow, but Cheza opens a door in the roots of a plant and they quickly escape through it and the soldiers arrive to find a dead end.

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