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"Welcome to Wagnaria: Takanashi Works."
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Episode Summary: Popura Taneshima is an undersized high school girl working at a family restaurant named Wagnaria and is told by the manager to find a new employee. After asking strangers and friends, she finds a boy from her school named Sōta Takanashi who agrees to work at the restaurant. Sōta quickly adjusts to working at Wagnaria as he meets the other employees and learns of their quirks. Sōta gets on the bad side of the manager, Kyōko Shirafuji, after a comment about her age, leading her to overwork him. One day, Sōta is put on the same shift with Mahiru Inami, a girl whom he had not met yet, who has an intense fear of men and punches Sōta in the face upon first meeting him.

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  1. CrotakuShinobi

    Sep 21st, 2014

    First ep, hope its good

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