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"The Two of Them Back Then, Yachiyo and Satō. And, Welcome to the Takanashi Family"
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Episode Summary: Yamada believes that Popura has a crush on Sōta, but it turns out that she merely wants him to cross-dress because she admired him as a girl. Sōta refuses to cross-dress for her despite her pleads. Sōma brings some old photos of Kyōko, Yachiyo and Satō and they reminisce what it was like back then. Sōta's sister Kozue continues to visit the restaurant, causing him problems. Later, Yamada reads a ghost story to Inami and Popura, the latter of whom has become so scared that Satō offers to drive her home. When Sōta and Inami are walking home, they discover that Yamada followed them because she too was scared of being alone, and Inami also does not want to go back home alone. Sōta brings them back to his house for the night, where Inami and Yamada keep Kozue company while Sōta is able to get done with some chores. Kozue hears from Yamada that Inami likes Sōta, and she is later disappointed to just find them playing cards together.

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