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"The "Decisive Battle" Known As the Date, What Happens After With Takanashi and Inami"
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Episode Summary: Sōta arrives for his date with Inami though, thanks to the interference of Sōma, Yamada and Popura, he ends up going dressed as Kotori. While Satō makes sure no one follows them on their date by taking the others for a meal and clothes shopping, Sōta and Inami go on their date, visiting a few cute places. At various points, Sōta tries to get Inami to hold his hand, though this gets interrupted either before they can touch, or before Inami tries to punch him. Meanwhile, back at Wagnaria, typically normal employee Maya Matsumoto is worried that the weirdness of the other employees is rubbing off on her. As rain starts to pour, Inami hears Sōta liken her to a dog. When Sōta tries to rectify what he said, he ends up calling her a 'cute, vicious dog', with Inami getting hung up on the 'cute' part. As they return to work the next day, life returns to normal.

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