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"Yachiyo, Kyōko, Satō… and the Returning Mr. Otoo"
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Episode Summary: Sōta notices that Inami is perfect when it comes to female customers and asks her questions about her fear of men. Inami says she is trying to get over her fear and she realizes that talking with Sōta is easier than most men, though he is also easier to hit. Sōta wonders why Yachiyo carries a katana all the time since it scares the customers. Yachiyo tells him that it is because her family sells cutlery and that it is dangerous at night. Satō tells Sōta of how Kyōko protected Yachiyo from bullies when she was in grade school, and in return Yachiyo has been following Kyōko and makes parfaits for her during work. The general manager of Wagnaria, Otoo, comes to the restaurant; he is mostly gone because he is trying to find his missing wife. Yachiyo comes down with a cold and Kyōko tries to fill in for her in the meantime with not much luck. Several days later after Yachiyo returns, Popura remarks how Satō might like Yachiyo because he is always nice to her, and Sōta realizes this is in fact true.

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