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"There Are Two Kinds of Men"

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Episode Summary: Kyrie and Morte are kidnapped by a group of beastmen and are brought to a colosseum to battle against other beastmen. Meanwhile, Taupy searches for the two in the nearby town, saving a damsel in distress, known as Mutton, in the process. Morte defeats one of the beastmen in the colosseum, apparently raisng profits for the colosseum. Meanwhile,Taupy reunite with Yappy, a member of his clan. It is then that Taupy realizes that Kyrie and Morte are imprisoned in the colosseum. It is later revealed that Yappy and his crew was responsible for bringing Kyrie and Morte to the colosseum. Late in the night, Yappy attempt to steal the profits acquired, but runs into Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy. Taupy is betrayed by Yappy, and is later forced to battle alongside Kyrie and Morte in battle against the beastmen. One by one, the three battle a series of elite beastmen. The three eventually face off against Yappy and his crew. In the end, Taupy took the blame for Yappy for attempting to steal the profits acquired. He also mentions that he along with Kyrie and Morte are part of the World Destruction Committee, causing an uproar in the audience.

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