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"There Are Two Kinds of Summers"

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Episode Summary: As Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy are travelling through a continent of a summer desert, Kyrie passes out from dehydration. Agan runs into them, offering them a ride to a nearby hospital. Dr. Elephant, the director of the hospital, cares for Kyrie, while Rigolet, the assistant director of the hospital, escorts Morte and Taupy to a lodge. Later in the night, Kyrie has a dream of a deceased young man lying in a coffin with a flower next to him and Morte was in tears. The next morning, Naja and Rhi'a arrive on the continent, in which Naja also passes out from dehydration. After Naja regains consciousness, he and Rhi'a are given directions to the hospital. Naja and Rhi'a tells Dr. Elephant that Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy are members on the World Destruction Committee. In the middle of the night, Morte finds out that Kyrie, Taupy, and a few orphans are baking a cake for Dr. Elephant's birthday. Morte soon find Dr. Elephant tied up in ropes and surrounded by oil. Rigolet reveals Dr. Elephant's past secret, saying that he was a former assassin, as he was responsible for the death of Rigolet's family. However, Dr. Elephant started directing the hospital in order to atone for his sinful acts as an assassin. Morte then reveals that her family was killed by beastmen as well, as it is realized that the young man in Kyrie's dream was Reve, Morte's younger brother. Kyrie, Taupy, and later the orphans witness Dr. Elephant's captives, attempting to protect him. However the oil is made contact with one of the candles of the cake, enflaming the lodge. Kyrie, Morte, Taupy run out with the orphans, and later Dr. Elephant walks out with an injured Rigolet. Morte starts to leave, recommending Kyrie and Taupy to stay with Dr. Elephant. However, Dr. Elephant suggested the two to go with her, in an effort to help her ease her emotional pain from the beastmen.

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