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"There Are Two Kinds of Autumns"

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Episode Summary: Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy go to a town on the continent of autumn leaves. Morte walks off after thinking about what Dr. Elephant had told her before. Morte suddenly sees an adolescent male, named Eeyore, resembling the appearance of Reve in a library, but he turns out to be a beastman rather than a human. He is shutting down the library, packing and storing all the books. He tells her that he has an older sister and a father, who both were killed trying to make humans and beastmen coexist in the same place. Meanwhile, Kyrie goes to a museum to find more information regarding the Destruct Code. He soon finds a book written by the Alligator Master, filled with research about the Destruct Code. He goes to see Morte, who is still helping the Eeyore sorting out the books. Kyrie later realizes that Morte's lust for world annihilation is because of Reve's death. Kyrie, Morte, and Eeyore spend the night cleaning the library. In the morning, they gaze upon a portrait of Eeyore and his sister, which led Eeyore to break down into tears.

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