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"Left Eye"
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Episode Summary: While walking home from school together, Himawari gives Watanuki a book to loan to Doumeki. When Watanuki arrives at the temple, something strange happens to him; Doumeki comes upon him and Watanuki gives him Himawari's book and sees that Doumeki is carrying a large number of old looking books. Doumeki has been studying the occult books in his family temple's vast storeroom, looking for a way to restore Watanuki's sight. Later that evening, Watanuki unexpectedly drops in on Doumeki's storeroom with a bento and miso soup, which he insists are simply leftovers. Doumeki is irreverent, causing Watanuki to flare up. When Doumeki tells Watanuki to go home due to the late hour and to the increased risk of Watanuki encountering a ghost, Watanuki insists on staying and helping Doumeki with his research. Through an accident on Watanuki's part, Doumeki finds a hidden book written by his grandfather in writing so complicated that Watanuki can't read it (though Doumeki can). Doumeki finds a spell for getting back an eye stolen by a spider, but before he can read it fully, a book on the table comes alive. The kanji on the page form a snake-like creature, which jumps onto Doumeki's grandfather's book. Watanuki panics and stops Doumeki from confronting the creature, and calls for Yuuko instead. Yuuko suddenly appears in the storeroom, much to Watanuki's shock. The storeroom is protected in all four directions by mystic wards written on paper; because Doumeki's grandfather crafted the wards, they are very powerful, and Yuuko feeds them to the creature. Upon eating all four wards, the creature is suddenly bound up in a ball of string. Yuuko explains that it is a bookworm, a type of spirit that likes to eat highly valuable or important words, and that the magic in Doumeki's grandfather's paper wards have neutralized it. Doumeki opens his grandfather's book to find that the entire restoration spell has been erased, eaten by the bookworm. Yuuko asks who the owner of the book from which the bookworm originated is, and Watanuki says it is Himawari's book, before panicking over Himawari's damaged book. When pressed by Watanuki, Yuuko reveals that she came to see Doumeki's storeroom hoping to find treasure. To Watanuki's ire, she asks him to cook food to go with sake she brought, also revealing that the bento brought by Watanuki for Doumeki was specially made for him, causing Watanuki embarrassment.

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