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"xxxHolic Rō"
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Episode Summary: Watanuki finds Yūko being swallowed by shadows from the Dream World, as she states her death was halted a long time ago and thanks to two people's decision, she is able to pass on. Upon dying, Yūko tells Watanuki her wish is for him to go on existing. Several years later, Watanuki has become the new proprietor of Yūko's shop, taking care of Maru, Moro and Mokona. Domeki has taken a position at a university to study folklore while also assisting Watanuki and Kohane has become a student at the same university studying under Domeki. Due to Domeki's position, a series of events have occurred that requires Watanuki's services. As part of the request, Watanuki hears a recording from a girl that says "I'm back Watanuki" with Yūko's voice. Watanuki proceeds to rewind and re-listen to it as the screen fades to black and he finally replies "Welcome home, Yūko". The ending theme is "Kaza Nagi" (風なぎ?, lit. "Calmed Wind") by Shikao Suga.

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