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"xxxHolic Rō Adayume"
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Episode Summary: Watanuki is requested a job by Haruka which involves him investigating Dōmeki's dreams. As he enters into the dreams, he starts seeing events that happened across the series from Dōmeki's view, but starting from when he was a child. As Watanuki gets to the part Yuko gave Dōmeki his magical egg, shadows within the dream start attacking Watanuki. He is able to destroy them and goes to meet Haruka. Haruka comments how he always protected Dōmeki and knew of the problems occurring within his dreams. Taking Haruka's constant teachings as his payment, Watanuki leaves the dream wondering about what Yuko told Dōmeki when giving him the egg. Watanuki then meets Dōmeki who gives him an invitation to his and Kohane's wedding, although Dōmeki states Kohane loved Watanuki. The opening theme is "Adayume" (あだゆめ?, lit. "Selfish Dream") by Shikao Suga and the ending theme is "Gomenne." (ごめんね。?, lit. "I'm Sorry") by Tiara.

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