OreGairu Episode 11 English Subbed

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"Thus, The Curtain Of Each Stage Rises, The Festival Reaches Its Climax"

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Episode Summary: After school, Hachiman and Yui visit Yukino to check up on her. Yui expresses a desire for her to rely on them more, which she confirms that she will at some point. Afterwards, Hachiman decides to alter the committee's mindset instead of conforming which they had been using as an excuse to escape their duties. The following day, the committee tries to decide on a theme for the festival. Hachiman indirectly teases Minami's suggestion, and counters with his own, which involves using wordplay on the Japanese Kanji for "human" which describes an analogy for half of the committee members slacking off from their duties, while relying on the rest and hence victimizing them. This gets Hachiman contemptuous looks from the members, but Yukino is able to see the method to his words, that allowed everyone to see their excuses for not working their hardest. The next day, the committee comes out in force with Yukino continuing to take charge. Haruno explains how Hachiman's stunt made him an enemy of the committee and if he works harder, that would motivate everyone else to unite and surpass him, which is fortified by Yukino when she assigns him an unbearable amount of work to get through. As the festival starts, Minami falters in her opening speech with a bit of stage fright. Eventually Hachiman goes to oversee Hina's play which turns out to be a huge hit. Afterwards, while taking a break, Yui brings Hachiman lunch and they discuss how to best get closer to Yukino. After they eat, Hachiman misreads the situation and tries to pay Yui back with money for the food, but Yui indirectly asks Hachiman out, which he awkwardly realizes. Meanwhile, depressed with her inability to do anything meaningful for the festival, Minami locks herself in the bathroom

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