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"Therefore, Their Festival Is Not Over Yet"

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Episode Summary: In medias res, Soubu High School holds a Sports Festival and while walking around, Hachiman tries to justify his reasoning for not participating in any events by his own interpretation of a speech given by Pierre de Coubertin. Some time after the Cultural Festival, the Service Club receives an email asking for help in planning the upcoming Sports Festival. While the club discuss their ill experiences at the last Sports Festival, Meguri Shiromeguri enters the club room and reveals that she had made the request, which they accept. At the sports committee meeting, while everyone brainstorms ideas for events, Shizuka shoots them all down, on account that people have become more socially sensitive over what an event entails. Eventually Hachiman suggests that they call in Yoshiteru and Hina who are better with creative work and soon enough, get some ideas to work on. As the festival continues, the white team takes the lead over the red team thanks to Hayato's athletics. As the girl's main event gets underway, which was designed based on the historical Battle of Kōnodai by Yoshiteru, Yukino is able to help the red team catch up. Finally for the last boys' pole drop event, Hachiman uses Yoshiteru to create a distraction while he stealthily approaches the white team's pole by disguising himself has a white player using some bandages. Although he is stopped by Hayato, Hachiman reveals his double feint and at that moment has Yoshiteru charge at the pole and win the event and supposedly the festival. The next day at the Service Club Yukino reveals that the red team was disqualified because Hachiman's deception was akin to cheating, but they resolve to participate the next year. As things return to normal, Hachiman concludes by pondering that they will make the most of their high school lives until it reaches an end.

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  3. Max

    Jun 28th, 2013

    LoL, this is turning a bit yaoi… Totsuka PWNed ALL!!! Stealth Hikki… Totsuka wearing black and Hayama wearing black… Looks awesome! He played the decoy for the decoy! XD Hahahaha Go Zaimokuza! Saki Saki <3 Totsuka <3 Yukino blushing XD "I just happened to see it…"

  4. Max

    Jun 28th, 2013

    Hayama wearing white, I mean

  5. Cj

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    Download link!!!!!

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    Download please!

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    Jun 28th, 2013

    uwwahh the ending felt really short. Hachiman good job.
    Now I’ll go read the LN.

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    Jun 29th, 2013

    hahahah this episode made me remember pokemon a little when he summoned zaimokuza to attack xD

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    Jun 30th, 2013

    nc anime

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    Jul 2nd, 2013

    noooo all of my anime are ending damn this was one of my fav to

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    that cant be it?! Its not over! tell me its not over!!!

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    Well, damn!

    The festival never ends.

  16. hyperion

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    there must be another coming episode and its ova on sep19. check it out on google.

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