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"Sometimes The God of Romantic Comedies Does Good Deeds"

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Episode Summary: During gym class, Hachiman practices against a wall by himself since as usual by his own scheme, he doesn't have a tennis partner. At lunch, Hachiman eats alone at his favorite spot because of the nice sea breezes that blow in from the shore but is interrupted by Yui. While they chat, they are both interrupted by Saika Totsuka and Hachiman is fooled by his androgynous appearance. The following day, Hachiman pairs up with Saika for tennis who asks Hachiman to join the Tennis Club to help raise their strength. Unsure of what to do, Hachiman asks Yukino for advice. Just then, Yui shows up with Saika who requests that the club help him with tennis practice, which takes a few days with no improvement. At the tennis court, Yumiko and her posse show up and demand to use the court. Hayama Hayato and Yumiko make wager with Hachiman and Yui to have a double tennis match with the winner being able to use the court and help Saika practice. As Yumiko and Hayato steadily gain the upper hand, Yui sprains her ankle but gets Yukino as her replacement. After a bit of pregame banter with Yumiko, Yukino steadily dominates the game until her stamina runs low, and entrusts the game to Hachiman. Hachiman uses his knowledge of the sea breeze's speed and direction and is able to win the match. Although, everyone ignores the Service Club's victory since Hayato protects Yumiko from injuring herself after Hachiman's final serve. At the end, Yukino leaves with Yui while Saika thanks Hachiman, who remarks that the "god of romantic comedies" is a retard for the end pairing which seems homosexual. As Hachiman returns to the club room, he walks in on Yui and Yukino changing and is knocked out with a tennis racquet before complementing the "god" on his sense of humor.

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