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"One Day They Will All Know The Truth"

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Episode Summary: The next morning, while the Sōbu High group have breakfast, Shizuka has them prepare for a bonfire as well as a special 'test of courage' scare quest for the elementary children. Later that day, the Sōbu High girls have fun at the river. While watching the spectacle from the riverbank, Hachiman is joined by Rumi, Yukino and Yui and they further discuss Rumi's issue of making friends. Afterwards, Hachiman resolves to do something about Rumi's issue during the 'test of courage'. Later, as the Sōbu High group prepares for the 'test of courage' Hachiman tells them his plan, which involves virtually shattering the relationship between the group of girls who shun Rumi, and uses the dark nature of humanity's selfishness to support his hypothesis. During the 'test of courage' instead of cosplaying as ghosts to scare Rumi's group, Hayato, Rumiko and Kakeru pretend to bully them, while presenting them the option of deciding on three victims to stay. The girls unanimously decide on Rumi as the first, then in-fight amongst themselves for the remaining two. However, in a surprising turn of events, Rumi uses her camera to blind Hayato's group and helps the other girls escape. Afterwards, at the bonfire, even though nothing seems to have changed, Shizuka and Yukino praise Hachiman for his idea in their own way, while Hayato laments to Hachiman his desire to befriend him. The next day, as the Sōbu High group gets ready to leave, Yukino's sister Haruno shows up in a black limousine to pick Yukino up. After a bit of casual teasing by Haruno to Hachiman and Yui, Yukino with a pained expression, leaves. Yui recognizes the limo as the one that hit Hachiman, although he pretends that he cannot remember, when in reality he does, while expressing that the group didn't see Yukino for the remainder of the Summer break.

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