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"There's No Choice But To Wish Them Happiness Right Here As They Arrive At Their Destiny"

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Episode Summary: While waiting for Komachi to prepare breakfast, Hachiman ponders on the institution of marriage with his opinion entailing that people deceive themselves into thinking that it makes them happy while they go about its compulsory activities. As Komachi teases that Hachiman's opinion would be unlikely to get him married, he deduces that having a little sister to take care of their sibling to be the same as being married. After school Shizuka enlists the Service Club to help her prepare a magazine as part of a campaign by the Chiba region to promote "Love and Marriage" to teenagers. Hachiman and Yukino start brainstorming ideas which turn out to be too complex for average high schoolers to understand. However Yui suggests that they conduct a marriage survey in class 2F. However the broad answers that 2F provides only seem to emphasize their inexperience in such things, which prompts Yukino to call in Komachi who has a similar experience when taking care of Hachiman. Komachi suggests that they refocus the project on how to be a better wife and has Shizuka, Yui and Yukino compete in contests she makes up. During the first cook-off contest, Hachiman praises Shizuka's cooking prowess. During the second bridal quiz contest, Komachi presents a series of scenarios to Shizuka, Yukino, Yui and Hachiman. During the last bridal dress contest, Hachiman compliments Shizuka's beauty and Komachi is forced to award her as victor of the competition. Afterwards, the Service Club starts preparing their findings for the magazine, with Hachiman lagging behind because of his workload, much to Yukino's annoyance. Finally as Hachiman prepares his article, he writes that since no amount of preparation can really prepare someone for the unforeseen future, he advises female readers to stake their claim on their desired husbands since everyone deserves the right to be happy.

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  1. Miroki

    Sep 28th, 2013

    Good job

  2. Miroki

    Sep 28th, 2013

    Good job!

  3. ryudo

    Sep 29th, 2013

    he did not end up with any girl:( is there atleast another ova if not a season 2??

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  5. sao


    Sep 29th, 2013

    Hikki it’s been a while~

    Loved his santa comment. Totally what I would do.

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    Jan 6th, 2015

    Season 2 please! >.<

  9. shalihinjack

    Jan 10th, 2015

    noo…why all anime end up with nobody as their choice..fuck u

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