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"Anything but Mountains!"

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Episode Summary: Aoi Yukimura is invited by two of her classmates to have tea after the first day of high school. However Aoi frantically rejects their invitation due to her difficulty in interacting with her peers, preferring instead to further her hobbies. Aoi's childhood friend, Hinata Kuraue then approaches and invites her to climb mountains like they did in the past, much to her reluctance since she had developed a fear of heights. While remembering that hanging out with Hinata only brought her misfortune, Aoi is reluctantly dragged to Hinata's home after school to plan a mountaineering expedition.

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  1. BlackVolume

    Jan 3rd, 2013

    mmmm I kInda Like this 1

  2. tubers

    Jan 3rd, 2013

    Wow.. There’s too many 3 minute anime lately.. Ah well. Maybe it’s a declining industry?

  3. Sugoisan

    Jan 3rd, 2013

    ik what you mean tubers. Its cuz people like us don’t buy the anime, instead we steal it and they don’t make any money.

  4. AlchemyBlue


    Jan 4th, 2013

    No their marketing their animation skills with short ‘show experiments’ like this. Kinda like what quantic dream did with ‘Kara’ Companies do this all the time to show off new tech and skill. FLCL was one of these.

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