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"Softball Circle "Honwaka""
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Episode Summary: As a freshman in college, the protagonist joins a softball team. His reason for joining it is that they do not seem to take softball too seriously, and the guy to girl ratio is in his favor. He also thinks the people in it are nice, though soon he changes his opinion of them being too nice and unaccepting of any differing views. He soon finds out that the group was in reality a group that promoted natural foods made by one specific corporation, and whose owner's daughter occasionally visits them. The protagonist develops a huge crush on the daughter, and tries his best to sell the products the best for the next 2 years. As a result of his efforts, he gets invited to the secret building where these products are made along with several others, where the leader of the corporation reveals that he's built a Noah's ark since humanity would come to an end in 2012. The protagonist finds he cannot fit in here either, and escapes when someone sabotages the ark and crashes it into the building. The saboteur turns out to be Ozu, and they run away together, and they are rescued by the ramen stall owner from Episode 1.

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