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"What's Your Name?"
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Episode Summary: Hime meets with Yūhi Shinatsuhiko, a tochigami, to discuss Rin's status in the city, and they decide to have her attend school and work in the city. Hime assigns Akina to be Rin's caretaker, but she quickly leaves. When she encounters Hime, she asks why Akina is allowed in the city, and Hime claims that Akina's tuning ability is necessary for the city's peace; however, Rin considers tuning murder. Elsewhere, Enjin Hiizumi, a wolf yōkai, attacks one of the Seven Pillars, the spiritual sakura trees that protect the city. Throughout the city, yōkai begin to lose control of their powers, and Hime confronts Akina, who is upset about Rin's belief that tuning is murder. Near Akina's office, Rin begins to lose control of her powers, and Akina uses tuning to expel the yōkai that was possessing her. The following day, a grateful Rin arrives at Akina's office to sell food.

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