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"That Decision"
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Episode Summary: Hime trains in her dojo with Kyōsuke, and recalls when her grandmother, the previous mayor of the city, died and left the title of mayor to Hime. At Akina's office, Hime starts to raise a dog named Silver, and determined to raise it well, feeds it ramen. After hearing a citizen comment on Hime's focus on raising Silver over her mayoral duties, Akina relates this to Hime, who claims that she can do both without complications. That evening, Silver goes into Akina's office and bites him. Furious, Hime hits Silver and he walks away dejectedly despite Ao's pleas. Enjin encounters Silver after attacking one of the Seven Pillars, and implants a yōkai into him, forcing Hime to fight him. After the yōkai gains control over Silver's body, Akina is forced to use tuning, which releases both Silver's and the yōkai's souls.

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