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"Waiting for You"
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Episode Summary: Hime returns from her business trip, and begins to broadcast a song of her own making throughout the city. Meanwhile, Akina meets with the Senior Council, which tells him to disregard that Enjin is in Gin's body. Afterwards, Akina meets with Yae, and tells her to keep his encounter with Enjin a secret. Hime, Ao, Kotoha, Kyōsuke, and Tōka agree to supervise a daycare center, but are unable to control the children until Ao uses her telepathic abilities to play with the children. When Ao reads the mind of Junta, a reclusive child, she accidentally reveals a promise he made with his missing father, and Junta runs away. Distressed, Ao refuses to use her telepathic abilities. Akina and Hime manage to find the boy's father, and Ao apologizes to Junta. As Ao relaxes on one of the Seven Pillars, she sees Enjin hovering in the sky.

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