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"Spinning Song"
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Episode Summary: Enjin disappears and Ao relates the incident to Akina, who asks him to keep it a secret. Enjin begins to experience pain as Gin's body is resisting him, and he leaves Shinozuka to do what he pleases. Kotoha is planning a trip to Germany and a karaoke party with her friends, and Hime asks her to be her training partner. During the training, Hime pierces Kotoha's airplane ticket to Germany with her spear. Furious, Kotoha conjures a 88 mm gun. Kyōsuke blocks the shot, and Kotoha apologizes to Hime. That evening, Shinozuka kidnaps Kotoha's friends, and lures her to the river. Although Kotoha attempts to fight him, he dodges all of her attacks, and attempts to convince her to join him due to the abuse she received from humans in the past for being a hanyō. Hime arrives, reminding Kotoha that she is a human to the core, and Shinozuka retreats.

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