Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episode 7 English Subbed

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"Attack from the Deep"
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Episode Summary: Yugi, Tristan, Joey, and Tea are hungry and realize that they haven't brought any food. Joey, however, follows his nose to some fish someone has left over a fire. Joey and Tristan eagerly dig in but are soon surprised by an unknown man who climbs out of the sea. Yugi soon realizes that the man is the fisherman duelist Mako Tsunami and the master of the Sea Deck. After Mako learns who Yugi is he invites Yugi, and all his friends, to eat the fish. Happily everyone fills their bellies but Mako has nefarious plans. Everyone finishes eating and bids Mako a farewell but before they can get away Mako demands that Yugi duel him. It turns out that the fish was just a trap to lure in unsuspecting duelists so that Mako's sea deck will have an advantage. Yugi changes into Yami Yugi but he must to adapt to the new settings if he wants to win this Battle. Mako makes his opening move what what ever monster he played is hidden under the sea. Yami Yugi summons his Horned Imp hoping to fend off Mako's unseen monster. Yami Yugi's imp is crushed. Hoping to use an electrical attack to fry all of Mako's monsters Yami Yugi Summons the Farrel Imp and soups him up with the Horn of the Unicorn. Mako sees his attack coming though and counters with his Giant Jellyfish which absorbs all electrical attacks Mako then proceeds to crush another of Yami Yugi's imps. Yami Yugi summons Silver fang and doubles his attack power using his full moon card. Mako summons Karioshine to defeat Silver Fang and leave only a small patch of land for Yami Yugi's monsters to stand on. Yami Yugi uses his Giant Stone Soldier to destroy the moon he played earlier causing the sea to recede and leaving Mako's monsters all dried up. Using His Cures of the Dragon card combined with his Burning Land card Yami Yugi wipes out Mako's life point and wins the duel. Mako may be down but he's not out yet, Mako's still got one chip left and plans to start over again.

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