Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episode 8 English Subbed

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"Everything's Relative"
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Episode Summary: A masked boy escapes from Pegasus' north tower into the forest to find Yugi. Yugi and his friends run into a kid who had is star chips and duel deck stolen by the same masked boy. Determined to return the stolen property they head back to the seen of the crime and run into the masked boy. Instead of taking back the deck and star chips Yugi decides to give him what he wants and duel him. Yugi transforms into Yami Yugi and wager all five of his star ships to start the dule, already guessing who the masked boy is. We learn that the masked boy is in fact Mokuba, Seto Kiba's little brother, and he's here to take revenge. Mokuba opens with the man Eating Plant which is quickly dispatched by Yami Yugi's Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress(WDGF). Yami Yugi the guess Mokuba's identity who reveal to Yami Yugi that Pegasus, along with the board of directors, is trying to take over Kiba Corp. In order to the deal to go through though Pegasus must defeat Yugi in a duel. Blaming Yugi for current evens Mokuba angrily summons Crocodilist which is also defeated by WDGF. Mokuba's plan to defeat Yugi so Pegasus won't have the chance is revealed. Realizing he can't win Mokuba steals Yugi's star chips. Yugi, however, convinces Mokuba to trust him to defeat Pegasus and return the stole star chips but there are only three minuets left until the boat leaves. Pegasus' goons find Kaiba brooding over his duel with Yugi. Kaiba escapes but has his deck, and his blue eyes, stolen. Yugi and his friends arrive too late to return the stolen deck and chips. In a unfortunate turn of events both the boy's and Yugi's star chips are lost and Mokuba is recaptured. In order to save Mokuba Yami Yugi challenges the guard who grabbed Mokuba to a duel.

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