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"Dream Eater Merry"
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Episode Summary: The president of Yumeji's literature club, Mei Hoshino, has been sending texts with a mysterious boy named Chris Evergreen. Later that day, Yumeji, Mei, fellow club members Takateru Akiyanagi and Saki Kirishima bring Merry along to karaoke, while Isana tries to make friends with a transfer student named Chizuru Kawanami. Later that night, when Mei comes to Yumeji's family café having supposedly been stood up by Chris, she suddenly acts weird and texts herself from another phone. Yumeji realizes that Mei has become a vessel for Chris, who is actually another dream demon, and chases after her, ending up in her daydream. As Chris prepares to attack him, Merry arrives and defeats him. Before Chris disappears, Mei asks to look at him, and comes off happily from what she sees. From that point, Yumeji decides to work together with Merry to help her find nightmares, and she starts working part-time at the café.

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