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"The Demon Lord's Daughter Visits a House"
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Episode Summary: Fino and Raul arrive to find that the old woman's son went to Amada and bought a unit too. Because the Leon unit is more expensive, the son wants to install the unit he bought and they are about to leave but stop when the son flags them down. The new A/C is unable to run because of low magic. The Amada rep states that the house may need to be rewired - a prohibitively expensive solution to the problem. As he is on a schedule, the rep leaves allowing Lore and the others time to investigate the reason for the low power. Everything seems to be in order leading Raul and Fino to realize that there must be magic eater here too. With considerable effort they are able to remove the magic eater infestation (there were tens if not hundreds of them in the house) and are about to leave when the son has a change of heart. Given their level of customer service, not to mention having saved him the cost of needlessly rewiring the house, he has chosen to install the A/C from Leon despite the penalties it will cost to return the other unit. That evening, after a bath, everyone celebrates a job well done and Raul takes an inebriated Fino home to their apartment building as a heat wave envelops the city. The following morning he wakes up to find Fino in his bed. After clearing up the misunderstanding (she came to his room because it was cooler) and having breakfast they head in to work where they find Nova passed out on the floor.

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  1. LrdRahl

    Jan 25th, 2014

    ok so the first 6 episodes of this is fine, but from 7 on are corrupted. I dont know about the streaming but the DL ones are glitchy and then freeze and all you can only hear the voices for the rest of the episodes

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