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"The Thief's True Identity"
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Episode Summary: Worried that the princess may be blamed for Fouquet's theft, Louise volunteers to go and catch her. With Kirche, Tabitha, and Saito tagging along, they travel to the place of Foquet's last sighting with Longueville. There, they discover the hiding place of the Staff of Destruction only to have Fouquet's golem appear. Wishing to show her worth, Louise tries to take it on with a spell, nearly being crushed in the process. Only by means of Saito's quick reflexes is she saved. Her confidence broken, Louise breaks into tears. Saito is moved by this and begins attacking the golem in her name. After discarding Kirche's sword and drawing Derflinger, the runes on his hands glow again and his ability greatly increases. Louise tries to help by taking out the Staff of Destruction, which turns out to be a "M72 Light Anti-tank Weapon system (LAWs)" rocket launcher from the Vietnam War, which had once been used to save Ottoman, the principal, by a US soldier who had been teleported there, much like Saito was. Recognizing it, Saito grabs it and quickly uses it, blowing up the golem. Longueville claims the rocket launcher afterwards, revealing herself as Fouquet all along. Yet she is unable to use it as it only had one rocket, giving the gang a chance to capture her. At the end Louise and Saito would dance at the ball and Louise would thank Saito for saving her.

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