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"Tabitha's Secret"
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Episode Summary: It's summer vacation, and many students are traveling back to their families. Kirche goes along with Tabitha to her home, leaving Louise and Saito alone for once; however, mischief is still plentiful. Tabitha's real name is revealed as Charlotte, and her past is told to Kirche. Upset at Guiche's continued flirting with other girls, Montmorency creates a love potion and plots to have Guiche take it. Meanwhile, Saito obtains a large pot that was about to be thrown away and converts it into a makeshift hot tub, similar to that found in the hot springs in Japan. While bathing in it at night, Siesta happens to pass by and much to Saito's embarrassment joins him. Seeing this, Louise becomes so frustrated that she interrupts Montmorency's plans by gulping the drink laced with the aforementioned love potion. As expected, when Saito returns to her room, Louise falls completely in love, causing many more problems.

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