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"The Familiar Of Zero"
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Episode Summary: The students of the Magic Academy set a barrier to hold off the Ancient Dragon and its minions while waiting for reinforcements. Meanwhile Saito returns home, but instead of getting in, he decides to find a way to get back to Hakelginia and help Louise and the others instead, and has an idea upon looking on a newspaper. Despite the combined efforts of the students and the forces of Tristain, Gallia, Romaila and an Elven fleet led by Vitartial, the dragons break into the academy and Louise decides to escape with Tiffania on Sylphid to protect the others, as the Ancient Dragon's target is only the two of them. Back on Earth, Saito manages to hijack a Mitsubishi F-2A jet fighter and makes it through a solar eclipse to return to Hakelginia and help the others just when Louise was about to be eaten by the dragon. Derflinger appears before Saito, much to his surprise and it is revealed that Derf was actually still alive inside Saito's Gandalfr rune. Saito fires all of the Fighter's missiles into the Ancient Dragon, but it only weakens its defenses. Louise contacts Saito through the World Door and he pulls her through it into the cockpit to have her cast the Explosion spell combined with Lifdrasir's power on the dragon, but she refuses out of fear for his safety. Saito tells her he will not die no matter what and reassures Louise with a kiss, finally convincing her. After closing in on the dragon, Saito and Louise eject from the jet as it crashes into the dragon, further weakening it, and then Louise casts the enhanced Explosion spell and the Ancient Dragon is finally destroyed. Saito and Louise land safely but she gets desperate wondering if his life was estinguished by Lifdrasir's side effect but it is reveled that despite Lifdrasir's power was exhausted, Saito's other rune kept him alive. They are soon joined by all their friends, which prompts Saito to propose to Louise, which she happily accepts. Some time later, Saito and Louise get married and they make use of the 'World Door' to pay a visit to Japan for Saito to introduce Louise to his family.

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  1. lolepic

    May 3rd, 2012


  2. NoLogic

    Sep 20th, 2012


  3. Aphexyo

    Oct 31st, 2012

    How tedious.

  4. lolerd

    Jan 15th, 2013

    ich wünste es würde weiter gehn immerhin is ja jetz unsere welt auch betroffen^^man wer das cool wenn die ne verbindung zu unserer welt aufmachen würden und das heist nur mehr probleme und mehr videos^^

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  6. GermanJames

    Dec 4th, 2014

    Still kind of saddening that the author who started this whole thing died. I hold a special place in my heart for this anime, for the fact that it really was the anime that got me into watching this stuff. Rip Noboru Yamaguchi.

  7. Mystical

    May 15th, 2016

    Omg! I wish the ending was better but you get what you get and I’m happy that they finally got married for real though Lol.

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