Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 16 English Subbed

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"The Wandering Apparition"

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Episode Summary: Following Samon and Takumi's plan, Megumu performs a public demonstration of his powers where he destroys a huge branch of the Tree of Genesis before a huge crowd. Meanwhile, Hakaze is informed about a spy appearing at the Kusaribe Clan's village and departs there with Yoshino to investigate. Still in anxiety regarding her feelings for him, Hakaze finds herself in a dire situation when one of the village's children is held hostage in a possible attempt to have the clan reveal their magic powers. Despite seeing Yoshino risking his life to save the child, Evangeline, Natsumura and Tetsuma just watch from afar as they are suspicious that he may be somehow related to the Tree of Exodus.

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  1. dafoolyOne

    Feb 1st, 2013

    damn it i really want to know if Yoshino is a mage or not this anime is to good cant wait for the next episode plus makes me want to read hamlet lol

  2. whatajoke

    Feb 1st, 2013

    Hakeze’s gunna confess to yoshino soon!!!

  3. Chitanda


    Mar 11th, 2013

    Hah ! XD

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  6. crnr


    Jul 1st, 2013

    LOL what a slave drive ROFL XD

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