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"Marine Snow"
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Episode Summary: Megumu travels around the world destroying branches of the Tree of Genesis while stirring up the public opinion and the commotion caused by him allows Takumi to regain his position in the Japanese government. Meanwhile Hakaze is still in distress due to her feelings for Yoshino, and worries about the safety of his girlfriend. As Samon, Mahiro, Junichiro and Megumu discuss how to deal with the possibility of Yoshino being connected to the Tree of Exodus, they deliberate about who may be Yoshino's secret girlfriend to have some leverage over him and no conclusive evidence is found until Megumu expresses his suspicions about said girl being Aika, which Yoshino confirms to Hakaze after she confesses her feelings for him.

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  1. dafoolyOne

    Feb 8th, 2013

    ooo snap cant wait for the next episode to see what happens now

  2. AzaelAkai

    Feb 8th, 2013

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More more!!!!!!!

  3. xStar

    Feb 16th, 2013

    My heart was pounding at the end >.<


    Feb 20th, 2013

    i love this anime :D

  5. Chitanda


    Mar 11th, 2013


  6. kawaiimeatpie

    Apr 3rd, 2013

    Damn, that girl sure loves nuts. She wants the d obviously

  7. bryllezzz

    Jun 8th, 2013


  8. crnr


    Jul 1st, 2013

    why can’t say to everyone who his girlfriend is??? and what a waste of a charming man not to be able to love again TT-TT

    u want to find his girl friend ??? then good luck finding someone whose already dead not to mention your own sister XD

  9. greenboxer


    Jul 25th, 2014

    hahaha this episode is hilarious yet got some point in the end :’D

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