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"He Said She Was Very Beautiful"

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Episode Summary: Yoshino learns from Mahiro that he accepted Hakaze's offer to find Aika's murderer for him in exchange for helping her stop the resurrection of the Tree of Exodus, which is being orchestrated by Samon, the man who betrayed Hakaze and ordered her exile. Upon using magic to track the culprit, they learn that somehow there are no traces leading to the perpetrator, which leads them to believe that a member of the Kusaribe Clan is responsible. As the duo wanders through the ravaged city looking for more magic talismans left behind by Hakaze, they come across Samon's aide Natsumura and, ignoring Hakaze's orders, Mahiro confronts him head on.

8 Responses to “Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 2”

  1. sao


    Oct 12th, 2012

    wow that’s a pretty good conclusion of this episode but the ending song killed the atmosphere……

  2. lolz

    Oct 12th, 2012

    40 thousand bros? Too cheesy :(

  3. BlessingsXI

    Oct 13th, 2012

    This anime is all about screwing with your head

  4. Sternenglanz

    Mar 17th, 2013


  5. crnr


    Jun 30th, 2013

    u sure about the magic can only be countered by magic then u surely haven’t heard of the anti mage XD

  6. KingZ


    Aug 31st, 2013


  7. Kiritodualblader

    Apr 30th, 2014


  8. Mochizou18

    Oct 30th, 2014

    I think Aika is the mage of exodus

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