Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 24 English Subbed

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"To Each, Their Own Tale"

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Episode Summary: Despite being shot in the arm, Yoshino, together with Mahiro and the others, manage to draw away the naval fleet and allow Megumu to face the Tree of Genesis with no distractions. When Megumu is about to be defeated, the Tree of Exodus transforms itself into a giant sword, which he uses to destroy the Tree of Genesis for good. One month after the trees disappeared, Takumi provides assistance to the now powerless Kusaribe Clan. Megumu finds the courage to reconcile with his girlfriend and they start dating again. Mahiro and Yoshino learn the contents of Aika's final message, in which she thanks the two for everything they've done with her and asks them to move on with their lives. While Mahiro starts dating a girl he saved from the Iron Syndrome, Hakaze leaves the Kusaribe village to reunite with Yoshino.

15 Responses to “Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 24”

  1. icecoldsniper

    Mar 28th, 2013

    First. Great ending to a great anime i would say.

  2. fritzce

    Mar 28th, 2013


  3. Schorgus


    Mar 29th, 2013

    Sad its over, but what a great anime overall.

  4. BitNdragon

    Mar 29th, 2013

    sad to see this show go it was one of my favorites from the season but at least it ended well :)

  5. CIndy


    Mar 30th, 2013


  6. shadowxsx


    Mar 30th, 2013

    I hate to see the anime end. But all say is EPIC on it. So many twists and unexpected turns to end here is great. I am amazed so much was packed into this and was actually good.

  7. shadowxsx


    Mar 30th, 2013

    I still love Hanemaru’s expression when things copulate and he has the look of “OH HELL YES THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED”

  8. Sumimansen

    Mar 31st, 2013

    in the end no kiss =(

  9. Jay

    May 1st, 2013

    One more season or at least another epilogue pls pls

  10. bryllezzz

    Jun 8th, 2013


  11. crnr


    Jul 1st, 2013

    >..< especially Aika

  12. KingZ


    Aug 31st, 2013

    loved it

  13. kin

    Nov 25th, 2013

    (TT.TT) awesome

  14. greenboxer


    Jul 25th, 2014

    damn Aika!!! hahaha im suprised too when the bonus f-feature video about to start XD (im not watching alone here!)

  15. Ul2wise

    Apr 3rd, 2016

    Yeah i noticed no kiss at end, obvious they become a couple, but what i really thought is that they dont like kisses through the whole show and its romance? Besides all that i actually enjoyed and loved this movie. Just wanted toknow more or see more of what goes on with their relationship afterwords. Guess imagintion will do

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