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"Cultural Pedigree"
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Episode Summary: While a sports competition is being held outside the school, Nozomu Itoshiki would like to have a 'cultural' sports competition with his students. He insists that everything in this world should be categorized into three kinds: liberal arts, science, and athletics. However, recently, the borderline between the three kinds are becoming so vague that they are often mixed together. At the end, he chooses to end the first part of the episode in an 'athletic' way. In the second part of the episode, Nozomu is unhappy about business practice of selling Fukubukuro, because he thinks it is just a way to sell leftovers at the end of the year. However, Kafuka Fuura argues that many kinds of leftovers are actually beneficial to our world and people should be encouraged to make more use of them. At the end, Nozomu and Majiru get food poisoning from leftover curry rice that was given to them by a mysterious woman, who turns out to be Kafuka. In the third part of the episode, Ai Kaga gives an umbrella to the real Tarō Sekiutsu, but she feels guilty that she was expecting a compliment when she was doing a favor for him. Nozomu Itoshiki sympathizes with her and blames everyone in the world for having an attitude of face-saving patronage and many business practices that depend on it. Eventually, Ai's behavior resembles that of a typical tsundere as she decided to deny any reason for doing favor to people.

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